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Jayne Coyne

For anyone considering having surgery the staff and consultants at the Apollo hospital from the time of your arrival to your discharge date will offer you a first class service, extremely detailed and in depth investigations and treatment. The consultants and any other relevant specialists that you may see will give you the latest and up to date treatment and advice you may require.

From my arrival day in the platinum lounge with Dimple to my discharge day, I found all areas of my stay and treatment to be of the highest order from the daily care my team of nurses gave me (Sister Tiny, Bigi and Sharon) to the expertise and skills of my consultants Dr Kriplani and Dr Kashyap and their teams.

I am highly satisfied with the results of my surgeries and my stay in the Apollo hospital Delhi.

The role of The Taj Medical Group in the speed and ease of providing all the right information and making all the arrangements before I travelled was Excellent.

Kind Regards to all

Copy of Jaynes patient evaluation form completed on returning home after treatment :

Administration (Taj MedicalGroup)
Satisfaction of information provided Excellent
Speed at which information provided Excellent
Ease of obtaining information Excellent
Quality of Medical Treatment received Excellent
Quality of Medical Treatment received Excellent
Helpfulness of the staff Excellent
Cleanliness of the hospital Good
Satisfaction with price Excellent
After Discharge
Quality of aftercare from the hospital Excellent
Quality of advice received from the hospital Excellent
The whole experience
Travel arrangements Excellent
Accommodation Good
Food Good
Overall Satisfaction Excellent

Jane Coyne - Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK
Lap Banding Surgery
January 2006

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Kristina Morris

I contacted The Taj Medical Group in the UK who swiftly answered all my questions and gave me the confidence to travel all the way to India for my treatment. They gave me several options including having the treatment in the UK.

The Taj Medical Group were extremely efficient in dealing with all my concerns and queries, Dipa Jethwa made my hospital arrangements and assured me that I would be well taken care of, she was absolutely right. Thank you so much.

Our stay here at the hospital was beyond expectation or belief. The care given by every employee and the expertise of the doctors is unmatched. With such a journey as we made, our comfort was only possible due to the level of fantastic care to be provided here.

Our recommendation to anyone considering this path is to go; you will find all of your fears put to rest & learn a few things along the way. We most certainly would have been lost if not for Roma, Payal, Susan, Clara. They made all the difference in our stay.

Everyone here from the C.E.O to the cleaning staff influenced our stay and made us welcome. A special thanks to Roma, a friend we look forward to keeping for a long time to come. Roma is on my right in the picture above, on the left are my partner Michael and Senior Staff Nurse Clara.

Many Thanks,

Kristina Morris - San Diego, USA
Lap Banding Surgery
August 2006

Taj Medical Group

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