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Elliot KnottMaster Elliot Knott

"Had it not been for The Taj Medical Group, we would not have taken this leap of faith in coming to India, Excellent service, thank you."

"We were referred to the Apollo Hospital by The Taj Medical Group and our treatment both from them and everyone at the hospital has been excellent. Dr Gulati was even here to see us when we arrived at 2am! Everyone at the hospital are very friendly and welcoming as well as dedicated and professional. Whatever you require they are all very eager to please and even went to get Elliot a McDonalds. The whole experience has been very good and memorable." Correspondence from Elliot Knott's Family...

Hi Dr Gulati & Dipa

I thought I would let you know how Elliot is doing. He has just been for his 6 month check up at our local hospital where the consultant said he was doing brilliantly well. He has now gone back to swimming which he is building up gradually. He had an x-ray 3 months after and everything was fine and he is going to have an other one in 6 months time. He has had no pain at all since leaving the hospital which is amazing. We have also just had his school report which was excellent.

So all in all we could not be more pleased with how everything has turned out and can not thank you enough for the brilliant operation and care we received as Elliot would not have been able to go back to school and get on with his life so quickly if we had not come to you for the operation.

Thank you again for all your help.

Mrs. Karen and her son, Elliot Knott, UK
Spondylolisthesis (spinal surgery)
August 2005

Susan SargentMs. Susan Sargent

"Have immensely enjoyed my stay; the surgery was performed with instant success & all kindness and care shown by the staff & nursing team. From initial contact with The Taj Medical Group to the day of my surgery was 19 days. Incredible when you realize I was told to wait 13-16 weeks to even see a consultant in UK & then expected 18 months wait for surgery. For me to be pain free from the moment I woke after surgery makes Dr. Yash Gulati a miracle worker in my mind. Many thanks to all & you will be well recommended by me back in the UK."

Mrs. Susan Sargent, UK
Spinal surgery to eleviate a trapped nerve
August 2005

Mrs. Averill DolleryMrs. Averill Dollery

Averill, who lives in Worcestershire, also can't get an operation to fix her back. The National Health Service considers that her weight problem would make the spinal surgery she requires too dangerous.

Salvation is now here in the shape of the Taj Medical Group. Agents who connect British patients with medical services in India.

India saved Averill's life. Thank you is not enough - I mean what can you say? You can't say anything except you saved our life.

Roger Dollery

Letter of thanks to surgeon

Dear Dr Vaishya,

Averill and I would like to thank you and everybody else involved in her recent operations and aftercare for the efforts you made on her behalf.
Mrs. Averill Dollery
"Thank You" is so inadequate an expression for our gratitude but alas we can think of no other. Averill's progress since our return has been remarkable; again thanks to the work by the Physiotherapists on providing such a good grounding on returning her muscles to work.

Our GP arranged for Physiotherapy as soon as we returned and the first visit was about a week after our return. At that point they said Averill's recovery was what they would have expected at that time after a knee replacement in England. However at their visit yesterday they considered her knee movement, muscle strength etc was much further forward than other similar patients.

She is able to walk about 10 times further than she could before the operations and is only limited by tiredness not by any pain. She has not had any of the pain that she used to have because of her back, she can feel her legs and feet and has much better bladder control because she now knows when her bladder is getting full. Again, we can't thank you enough for all that you have done for Averill and I will keep you up to date with progress at the next milestone.

Roger and Averill Dollery

Letter of Progress to Surgeon

Dear Dr Vaishya

The Physiotherapist visited Averill yesterday and said her progress was so good that there was no need for them to come again. They suggested that she continue using two sticks for about one more week and then only use the left stick as this will help her walk upright more so than using the right stick.

As she is now more mobile she is losing weight (about 3 inches from her waist). The Physiotherapist suggested contacting her GP because the support belt is getting too big and he may be able to arrange for a better fitting belt to take her through to February which is the time you suggested she should be supported to.

The other bit of information I am more than pleased to be able to pass on to you is the Physiotherapists comments on her operation sites. She asked to check the sites and after seeing them pursed her lips, shook her head slowly and said that you were a very skilful surgeon. We knew that, but it was nice to have it confirmed by another professional.

Again, very many thanks for all you have done for Averill.

Roger Dollery
Health and Safety Manager
West Mercia Constabulary Mrs. Averill Dollery, UK
Spinal surgery to alleviate a trapped nerve
October 2005

Heidi RogersMrs. Heidi Rogers

Dear Dipa,

Thank you for your Christmas message.

As you know, Heidi spent a week in Delhi diagnosing her problems. She was very pleased with the arrangements and the attention she received at the Apollo. They have diagnosed two problems, a slipped disc and a frozen shoulder. The cost of the tests, scans and consultations was minimal compared to the equivalent cost in the UK, and all were conducted within the space of a few days.

Unfortunately, despite being armed with the comprehensive results, she has met the same wall of total indifference and inactivity from the British medical system. She continues to suffer severe pain and is quite desperate to find a resolution. We are perservering to get effective treatment here, but I fear that this will probably be to no avail. If this is the case then Heidi may well consider returning to India again for treatment, probably early in the New Year. We will be in touch again when we have decided what to do.

Our best regards for the season to you and your colleagues in Delhi.

Peter Rogers

Heidi RogersHello Dipa & Rebecca

“Thanks for your e-mail. Please find feedback form and note comments included. Heidi is doing really well and recovering remarkably considering that it is still less than two weeks since she underwent a major 5 hour spinal operation. Her original back and leg pains have disappeared but she has difficult sitting or standing still. However each day brings improvement and we are confident that these problems will recede with time.

We can only commend Dr Yash Gulati for his skill, courtesy and professionalism. The procedure he carried out, we believe is generally not available in the UK. On our return, we have discovered an American website This shows the procedure which we believe was similar if not identical to that received by Heidi, although we think that the recovery times quoted are optimistic to say the least. Please feel free to ring us at home if we can elaborate further”.

Peter & Heidi

Mrs Heidi Rogers, UK
Spinal Disc Replacement surgery
January 2006

Ellen ParryMrs. Ellen Parry

Ms. Parry said she had been given a new lease of life by surgeons 5,000 miles away in Bangalore. The 59-year-old woman, who has three sons and four grandchildren, flew to India after being told by a clinic at Ysbyty Gwynedd that there was nothing they could do for her.

Ms. Parry, who runs a garage with her husband in Glan Conwy, was back home in North Wales on Monday night following a successful operation in Bangalore where she was given VIP treatment.

She said, "It is absolutely fantastic. I just can't get used to not being in pain anymore."

Her back troubles began two-and-a half-years ago. "I hadn't any problems before and I went along to see my GP,'' she said. " I was referred to the pain clinic at Ysbyty Gwynedd but was told nothing could be done,'' she added.

The Parrys got in touch with The Taj Medical Group in Warwickshire. "We sent them a copy of the scan and they referred my case to surgeons at the Ramaiah Memorial Hospital in Bangalore, which was set up as a trust. I was in e-mail contact with neuro-surgeon Ravi Varma at the hospital,'' she said.

"The operation was carried out by Dr. Varma, and his father, who is a renowned surgeon in India, on November 6, five days after we arrived,'' she added.

Paul & Marlene SmithMr. Paul & Mrs. Marlene Smith

We got in touch with Taj Medical and got to know about Apollo Hospitals. No further searches were needed as Ms. Deepa Jethwa and Ms. Rebecca Holt immediately provided initial information on the hospital. Researching Dr. Gulati and Apollo showed a level of professionalism we required to travel 10,000 Kms to have surgery outside Canada. Numerous entries on Dr. Gulati on the web gave us the confidence to have serious back surgeries far from home. The Hospital's JCI Accreditation supplemented by Dr. Gulati e-mail responses to over 15 enquiries showed that India could give the same level of services (medical and other) that Canada could. The difference was the speed in which the operation took place after our very first contact with Taj around 6th November 2005. We arrive in India on 12th December with surgery on the 15th a complication delayed our departure. The standard of medical attention surpasses Canada's. Staff are friendly courteous and efficient. Canada does not pay for out of country pre-existing condition surgery but we have no regrets. The costs to us are significantly less than if we went to the USA and the wait time in Canada is 8 months to 2 years to just to see a specialist. Then you wait another 3 - 12 months for surgery. We anticipate significant improvement as all pre-operation pain is gone and Marlene is starting to walk again. We come to India for one reason - to stop Marlene's pain so she could lead a normal life again. It appears we met that goal successfully and met true professionals along the way. Thank you Ms. Dimple Bali for smoothing the few rough spots, Dr. Gulati and associates for restoring Marlene's health and Apollo staff for a healthy clean environment.

As reported in Outlook India, February 2006

Marlene Smith, Onterio, Canada
Spinal Surgery
December 2005

Mohsin AliMaster Mohsin Ali

Mohsin Ali

Dear Dipa,

Aploogies for the delay in responding but I have only just returned to the UK and a computer which works!

The following is what I wrote in the Apollo Comments Book when we left and please feel free to use any of it on your web page.

"Mohsin is an 8 year old Pakistani orphan from the SOS Village in Karachi. He needed urgent spinal fusion surgery to give him the chance of a normal life. The operation was not possible in Pakistan but we heard about the Apollo Hospital and Dr Yash Gulati through The Taj Medical Group. The care Mohsin has received from Dr Gulati and his team has been exceptional. The individual attention he has received has surpassed anything I have experienced in the UK Health Service in the past 5 years, whether it be National Health or Private.

The operation appears to have been a success and the post-operative care given to Mohsin has been meticulous but above all warm and friendly. In spite of the discomfort Mohsin was able to smile because he felt loved. Dr Gulati made a point of visiting Mohsin at least once a day and Mohsin respected him and trusted him absolutely. All the nurses made such a big fuss of Mohsin that we love them all, particularly S/N Sherin who saw Mohsin through the first difficult post - operative nights and gave him the most wonderful soothing bed baths. The housekeeping services were excellent. I wish the UK NHS was half as efficient and clean and everything done with a smile!

The food was very good and Mohsin's dietician, Shadan, so thoughtful, following up on everything he said. I also loved the food though I can appreciate that those with a Western palate might find the choice limited. Ravi, in Physiotherapy, won Mohsin's confidence and eventually had him walking unaided before discharge. The gentlemen who transported Mohsin to Physio every day were just that - gentle men who took great care of Mohsin.

As Mohsin's guardian, I was initially very apprehensive as to whether I had made the right decision in bringing Mohsin to Delhi but our experience proved that the decision to bring Mohsin to the Apollo was correct. Our thanks go to Dipa and The Taj Medical Group for introducing us to the Apollo Hospital and Dr Gulati and our deepest gratitude to Dr Gulati and his team for helping Mohsin to "walk tall". At the Apollo you are treated as a VIP and not just another number in the system. I will have no hesitation in recommending the Apollo and Dr Gulati to everyone I know in the UK and Pakistan." Mohsin's 5 hour operation took place on 18th July and he was discharged on 29th July. We then stayed at the Hotel Savoia until 2nd August when we flew back to Karachi. The hotel was clean, comfortable and very friendly. Mohsin has to wear a spinal brace for 4 months, to be removed only for showering, and then he will have an x-ray. I will send this to Dr Gulati to see how things are progressing. I have arranged for Mohsin to receive physiotherapy daily to strengthen his leg muscles. As part of this exercise regime he has received a new bike which he must ride every day!

Mohsin Ali

Mohsin Ali

Mohsin with Nurse Sherin, with whom he got on so well, S/N Sherin saw Mohsin through the first difficult post - operative nights and gave him the most wonderful soothing bed baths.

The care Mohsin has received from Dr Gulati and his team has been exceptional. The individual attention he has received has surpassed anything I have experienced in the UK Health Service in the past 5 years, whether it be National Health or Private.


Dipa, if there is anything else you need to know please let me know. I will be away from the 5th- 20th September. Thanks for everything. I will send a couple more photos separately. Kay

Kay Lanes, UK (Mohsin's Guardian)
Spinal Surgery
July 2006

Mary CrumleyMary Crumley

Mary Crumley

Dear Dipa,

Mary and Noe are back in their home, and I in mine as of yesterday. All is well, Mary is healing very well. We would like to know of rehabilitation excercises that she can do which won't do any harm. Mary is eager to get strong and fit and lose some weight. Is that something Dr. Gulati could advise her on?

Thank you for all your gracious assistance; we are so glad that Mary got her surgery done by Dr. Gulati. He and his team were impressive and we are grateful to them all. Sincerely, Janet McGahan for Mary Crumley

Hello Dipa,

I received your request for a testimonial from Mary; she does not have email, so I will forward this to Maggie and she can work with Mary there in Port Townsend.

These two photos I thought might be useful for the testimonial--The one of Mary in blue (sitting on bed) was taken one week after surgery. The other was taken two weeks after surgery when we visited the Taj Mahal. (I, sister Janet, in orange next to Mary.)

Thank you, Dipa. (I loved hearing your voice on the phone while we were at Apollo.) Please give Dr. Gulati our regards.

Mary is doing fine and getting back into her working and exercising mildly.

Janet McGahan (Mary's Sister)

Mary Crumley, USA
2-level cervical disc replacement surgery (Keneflex disc)
July 2006

Stephen MobleyMr. Stephen Mobley

Stephen Mobley, 44 had been suffering with chronic back pain for the last two years. He could not walk (more than 200m), stand or sleep very well and was prescribed high doses of morphine for pain relief.

Shortly after contacting The Taj Medical Group, Stephen underwent spinal surgery at their Specialist Clinic in Cologne, Germany. The operation comprised placing a flexible Dorsal Spacer Implant. Stephen, (left) is pictured here with his parants.

Below is a short note from his father, David soon after the operation.

Dear Dipa,

I thought that it is time I wrote to express our sincere thanks for your kind assistance in arranging surgery for our son Steve aged 44.

If I have worked it out correctly we first contacted you around 20th November 2006 and Steve actually had his surgery in Cologne on Tuesday 23 January 2007.

From our first contact with you we were provided with detailed information about hospitals and surgeons around the world and at one time we thought that we might go to India for the surgery, after you had kindly arranged for us to speak to the surgeon in India, but we felt that the long flight would probably prove very painful for Steve with his Lumbar Disc problem.

We were therefore, very pleased when you mentioned that there was an excellent Dutch Surgeon at the MediaPark Klinik in Cologne who could carry out the operation which Steve needed, known as a Dorsal Spacer Implant, at a much lower cost than the UK, had it been available in the UK, which it is not.

We also want to thank you for helping us to find a suitable hotel in Cologne for my wife and myself.

As you know, we flew to Cologne on Sunday evening with Easyjet from East Midlands, and on the Monday morning a taxi picked us up at the hotel and took us through Cologne to the Medserena Clinic where Steve had an upright MRI scan, which was then sent over to the MediaPark Klinik and we were taken over there, again by taxi, where Steve was checked over and everything arranged for his operation on the following day, Tuesday.

The Klinik was a very large and splendid place with every modern facility and very clean and pleasant. The operation was carried out early on Tuesday morning with no problems at all and the treatment was first class in every respect.

On Wednesday we sat down with Doctor Simmons and he explained and demonstrated with the aid of a model of the spine just how and where the implant was fitted. It is very flexible and light and moves with the spine, as opposed to the UK version which we also saw, which was very rigid and tied to the spine with tapes.

On Thursday evening we returned home and Steve has been feeling much less pain from the Lumbar Region and the small incision (just over one inch) has healed nicely.

To anyone who is thinking of using Taj Medical we would say "Don`t hesitate, you will receive a first class service, at no cost to yourself, and there is even a freephone number to use when calling Dipa at Taj Medical in Coventry".

Please feel free to use this letter as yet another in a long list of testimonials and if anyone wishes to ask us about any aspect of your service we will be happy to speak to them.


David Mobley, (Father of Stephen, 44)
Staffordshire, UK
Spinal Surgery, Dorsal Spacer Implant
January 2007

Ted GrenierMr. Ted Grenier

Hey Sabina,

Here is a photo of a recent trip that I took to the Gulf of Mexico.

I could not have taken this trip before my operation as I would have been too concerned with being able to deal with extreme pain and discomfort. I am extremely grateful to Taj Medical and of course Dr. Rajakumar and his entire staff at the Wockhardt hospital in Bangalore.

Hope to talk to you soon.

Ted Grenier.

Hello Sabina,

Thanks for the greeting. I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your e-Mail. Since the day that I returned to the U.S. I have felt a compelling need to relate my experience to the people in my country as well as the rest of the world.

There are many who feel the sense of hopelessness that I experienced, who also believe they have no options and that their life will lead to a never ending struggle with chronic and debilitating pain. Nothing could be further from the truth !!! The level of care that I received in Bangalore was extremely professional and compassionate. As I reflect back upon my experience several things have become clear to me.

First of all I realize how truly lucky and blessed I am for having come upon your website at Taj Medical. This was the all important first step in my search for viable options to address my significant medical condition. After contacting Taj Medical through Dipa I was able to find answers to my questions and concerns very quickly.

The cost for my particular spinal operation was clearly and accurately communicated to me in a mater of a few days. As a matter of fact it turned out to be completely accurate. This made it possible for me to arrange the finances to make it happen. Upon arriving at the Wockhardt hospital in Bangalore, I was afforded the highest possible level of medical care. The nurses were extremely attentive and the facilities were better than I had ever imagined. The medical staff in my opinion was world class. I was greeted by the assistants of my surgeon the morning after my initial arrival. They made me feel comfortable and explained the schedule of medical tests that would be performed before the operation. These tests were carried out quickly and efficiently. After the tests were completed I was paid a visit by my Surgeon. He is none other than Dr. Rajakumar who happens to be one of the most accomplished neurosurgeons in the world. Dr. Raj as I will call him explained to me exactly what he would be doing in the operating room.

The MRI and CT scans were shown to me and he illustrated which disc would be replaced and how it would be done. I was initially told that I may need to have two discs replaced based upon the review of prior medical reports and tests in the U.S. However after reviewing the tests and images done in Bangalore, Dr. Raj determined that I would need to have only one disc in my neck replaced. This was significant as I was given a refund of over $4,000 dollars from the original quoted price of the operation. I actually ended staying in the hospital four days longer than was planned !!!

My spacious private room was equipped with a complete computer setup. I did not need a laptop as all equipment was in the room as well as a TV. The Internet connection was very important and ended up being my umbilical cord to the people in my life. I chose to go to Bangalore by myself as I did not want to effect my family any more than I needed to. I can truly and honestly say that it was the absolute right decision. I never once felt isolated or alone while I was there.

After my operation Dr. Rajakumar and his devoted assistants came to my room to check on my condition every other day until I was released. (four times) During these visits Dr. Rajakumar encouraged me and was instrumental in my mental recovery. He would arrive on these visits dressed in his operating greens as he was obviously performing his amazing craft each and every day. His cell phone would ring several times as he was in my room. Dr. Raj is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This man is no ordinary human being. Just so you know Dr. Rajakumar is a neurosurgeon who performs both brain and spinal surgeries. He has removed hundreds of cancerous tumors in and around the brain and performed numerous complicated spinal procedures. He is I believe one of the first surgeons in the entire world to successfully remove a tumor from the brain without penetrating the skull by entering through the nasal cavity. I relate these details to anyone who is reading this because I believe you should know what type of professional doctors are on staff in Bangalore.

I cannot say enough about the dedication and professionalism exhibited by the entire staff including the nurses, lab technicians, physical rehab director, his staff and all the employees at the Wockfordt Hospital in Bangalore. I was attended to each and every day during my time in the hospital.

My refrigerator was stocked daily with fresh juice and water. Three meals per day were delivered to my room. I was allowed to choose each meal from a menu. Fresh coffee and several newspapers were delivered each and every morning. The room, shower and bathroom was extremely spacious and clean. The hallways outside my room were always clear of equipment and debris.The nurse stations were fully staffed and professionally run. The hospital was very modern and well equipped. The lobby floor which houses the pharmacy, check-in and billing area was very comfortable and efficient.

As I reflect upon my experience I can say that if you choose to come to the Wockfordt Hospital in Bangalore you should expect to be treated as an important human being by people who are extremely caring, professional, accomplished and dedicated to their patients.

If there are any who would like to contact my with their questions I would be more than happy to furnish them with whatever information I can regarding my experience before during and after my operation in Bangalore.

Ted Grenier.

Ted Grenier (45)
Austin Texas, USA
Artificial Disc Replacement
November 2007

News Coverage of Ted Grenier's Surgery - Special Health Feature on CBS 42 Medical Watch Texas, USA

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