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General Surgery & Health Checks

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Mr. Mike Surrey

Dear Dipa,

Thank you so very much for arranging a health check for me at your hospital in Delhi. The staff treated me like royalty and were absolutely fantastic, the hospital was excellent, they could not have done enough.

The results were very reassuring.

We will most definitely recommend The Taj Medical Group to anyone visiting India.

God bless,

Mr. Mike Surrey, UK
Full Comprehensive Healthcare Check
16 June 2004

Mr. Tony Bogush

As reported in The Daily Mail (25th June 2005) when undergoing medical treatment at our Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India.

"Marvellous – I’ve never felt so comfortable and well looked after. We could easily be in a five star hotel couldn’t we?"

As reported in the Daily Mail 25 June 2005

Mr. Tony Bogush, London, UK
Full comprehensive Health Check & Dental Treatment
June 2005

Mr. James Logan

Everything went very well.
I was well looked after and the communication was great.
I am 100% satisfied.
I was treated with respect by the consultants and staff at Wockhardt Hospital and would definitely recommend it to anyone who are unsure about their health here in the UK.

Mr. James Logan UK
Full comprehensive Health & Spinal Examination
October 2005

Mr. Steve Barker

Hello Dipa,

After making contact with "Taj Medical Group" to go to the Apollo Hospital, ten days later I found myself in New Delhi, the Flights, visa, hotel and hospital appointments all arranged for me.

I was booked-in the next day, Monday 23rd October 2005, at the hospital for a whole body Well Man Check (£75).

On arrival at the hospital, still suffering from the culture shock, I booked in at 0900hrs and by 0915 I was having my first blood sample. The whole day was spent giving and taking samples, having scans, x-rays on every organ in my body. After each test there was no waiting around, I was shown by medical staff my next room for every test. Nothing goes un-tested.

Part of the package includes seeing two specialists nominated by you. I chose to see the gastrologist and spinal consultant.

The gastrologist recommended I have an endoscopy at an extra cost of £30. The result showing I had a hiatus hernia. This was done the next day, Tuesday 24th.

The spinal consultant, having explained my back problem to him, told me that I could be suffering from several different problems. The only way to find out definitely the reason for my pain was to have a MRI scan. This was arranged for Thursday 26th October at an extra cost of £90.

On Friday, I returned to the hospital and with three different consultants went through all my test results and recommended medication, diet and change in life style.

It tool just 5 days to have all the tests at a fraction of the price or time scale it would cost on the NHS. All the consultants I was under, had trained in the UK at some point and always had time to speak or answer any questions. All the staff were pleasant and spoke good English.

I would definitely recommend the Apollo Hospital and would not hesitate to return if I required any surgery in the future.

Mr. Steve Barker UK
Full comprehensive Health
December 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Margetson

Dear Madam,

We are very grateful for the help while we were in India.

Thank you

B Margetson

Mrs. Margetson, West Glamorgan, UK
Neurology Scans & Health Checks
January 2006

Helen Victoria Lewis Miss. Helen Victoria Lewis

Dear Dipa,

Many thanks to you and your Team at The Taj Medical Group for making the arrangements with the Wockhardt Hospital for my operation which was the removal of the gallbladder.

On arrival in Mumbai we were welcomed and taken to the hospital where staff greeted us and our every need was taken care of.

We arrived at 3:00 A.M on 23rd November. Later that morning we met the surgeon who took me step by step through the procedure of the operation. I then had all the necessary checks for the operation and was taken to operation theatre the following morning to remove the gallbladder which he successfully did by Keyhole Surgery. He showed my mum the gallbladder and explained everything. The sisters and nurses cared for my mum while I was in theatre. They were very caring to me after the operation, and cared for me extremely well in the following days.

The standards are very high of the hospital and I will recommend anyone to this hospital. My mum and I would like to thank all the staff at Wockhardt hospital as they have been so kind & caring.
Thank you


Miss Helen Victoria Lewis,
Cholycystectomy, UK
November 2005

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Catherine AnkersMiss Catherine Ankers

Catherine Ankers – 23 had a terrible fall in the fall of 1999, while taking her dancing lessons in Liverpool, UK.

For seven years she underwent a variety of surgical and other treatments in UK but could not walk normally.

Her life soon changed after contacting The Taj Medical Group in Warwickshire, where they swiftly arranged for her to be treated at their Wockhardt Hospitals Group in Bangalore, India.

“Well, what can I say about Wockhardt Hospitals, Bangalore ?

This hospital has changed my life, and for that I will remain eternally grateful.

The people here are a ‘TEAM’ in every sense. I like this quality, its extraordinary and a very rare thing to have. I found each ‘TEAM’ of people so dedicated and determined to do their job perfectly.

The building is immaculate, very modern and new and beautifully presented. Its exceptionally clean and tidy with beautiful fixtures and fittings, wonderful flower gardens and an all round welcoming feel to it.

The nurses, well they are so lovely – they made me feel a part of their little team, so to speak. They are very polite and extremely well mannered and professional – I couldn’t fault them.

My doctor – Udaya Shankar, such a lovely gentleman. I am very very lucky to have come across such an intelligent man. And really it took him 4 days to reach a point in diagnosis where my doctors at home are after 7 years.

He has such a wonderful way with patience and perseverance this in itself deserves recognition. I owe him big time! He really had faith in me and well, I can walk now.

Dr Joseph (Head of Physical Rehab & Therapy) – What a clever man ! He excelled in his field with the desire to get to the bottom of my mechanical problems. Once he was satisfied he’d found this out, he was stopping for nothing until he had fixed me enough to go home. He too has the gift of patience and perseverance. I am honoured to have ever met him.

The doctors, nurses, the guest relations executives, …all through my stay they have been with me every step (literally!) trying to make sure I received the best of everything and what I admire them most for is not only their dedication to the job but their Professionalism I would like to say I have felt a part of “the WOCKHARDT FAMILY.

I will treasure my memories of this whole experience forever. To those people who just take ‘walking’ for granted could not ever begin to understand how much this hospital has done for me.

I am a different person, because ‘The Wockhardt Family’ believed they could make a difference.

What an amazing family you are!

Thank you all so very much.

I cannot express how grateful I am to you all.

Take Care, best wishes


Miss Catherine Ankers, 23,
N. Wales
January 2007

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Rabin JirelMr. Rabin Jirel

Rabin, 32 is a bright, energetic individual working as a Teacher in an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal, India. Photographed here with his children.

The Taj Medical Group were contacted by Donald Greenhouse from Hampshire, UK. Donald together with his wife, Sue set up a charity to help Rabin. See how the story unfolds...

Dear Dipa,

Thanks for your help in this. On a personal note that you might find interesting, this business with Rabin started when the daughter - Nicola - of a friend and neighbour opposite us was working in Nepal and got friendly with Rabin. He runs a small charity financed school in Kathmandu on a very tight budget.

Nicola came back from Nepal about a year ago with pictures and stories about Nepal. She described Rabin's goitre problem and showed us pictures of him. Somehow we all decided to try and raise money for his operation. We arranged and coordinated several charity events and over about a year we raised enough money to pay for all this. Myself and my wife have been very involved in everything and have really enjoyed the work. We have even sponsored one of the orphan children of Rabin's school - a lovely little girl called Anita. About the same age of one of our granddaughters.

So...this has been a fascinating period and soon Rabin will be cured of this awful goitre. Thanks for your help in this.

Don Greenhouse
August 2006

Dear Dipa,

I have just received a reply from Rabin. His flight details for 29th Sept are Indian airline Flight No 814 departing Kathmandu 1610 arrive Delhi 1730. (Note: He did not say Air India just Indian airline but I guess it is Air India).

As I said on the phone yesterday, I am gathering bits and pieces of information about our fundraising efforts for Rabin and will send as soon as possible.

Just one small gem of information: One of our best helpers in the fundraising for Rabin is a 92 year old ex soldier and ex policeman. During World War 2 he was in Nepal and India for some time.

All the best,

Dear Dipa,

So our friend Rabin from Nepal has had his operation successfully and all is well thanks largely to your efforts in arranging everything for us.

Mrs Bond and her two daughters are now back home on Monday - in fact I picked them up at our local train station. This will make you laugh - on the journey from home to Heathrow for the flight out to Delhi they were running late. When they arrived at departures to check in, all the economy seats were filled and guess what... They were upgraded to FIRST class! How about that. They found the experience of India most fascinating but they are now back home.

You may know this already, but could you please find out for us the test results for Rabin's tumour. As you know, the surgeon said that his neck problem was a tumour and not a goitre as we all believed. If there is anything we should know about his results could you please let us know because when Rabin is back home in Nepal, and if there are any complications will he need any follow up treatment back at Apollo hospital. He is quite naive and his English is limited. Can you advise us of anything he should do if he has a problem. I am quite certain that with the highly skilled surgeons at Apollo there will not be a problem but this request is... "Just in case."

From my point of view, it has been really fascinating liaising with you, and Jag and Rebecca during the time it has taken to arrange all of this. Thank you all.

Finally... I will as soon as possible, I will gather the information you requested some time ago for details of our charity for Rabin. Hopefully within the next week or two we will send a package to our local newspaper - The Portsmouth News - about the Rabin scenario. Their journalist is waiting for the details and pictures of Rabin. As soon as the article is published I will send you the earlier material I promised weeks ago and the latest article about Delhi.

Don Greenhouse

October 2006

Dear Dipa,

Thanks for the note of 16th October. We were very impressed by your generous gesture of the £100 contribution to the Rabin fund. We are all thrilled by the brilliant surgeons in Delhi - they performed with great skill. Rabin and his family are now back in Kathmandu. We have had an email from him and all is well.

I tried to phone you a few minutes ago but all lines were busy. I'm sending three pictures. Number 084 shows Liz Bond and her two daughters. The girl on the right is Nicola who has spent more than a year working in Nepal. I hope you like the pictures. Thank you for all your work on this project.

Don and Sue Greenhouse,
Hampshire, UK
October 2006

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