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All of the medical centres are extremely well equipped with the latest, most sophisticated technologies and have excellent standards of hygiene; coupled with dedicated World-renowned Consultants and Surgeons, supported round-the-clock by specialist clinical teams, they altogether ensure total patient care with high success rates.

Dedicated teams of Orthopaedic Consultants specialise in the investigation and treatment of musculo-skeletal diseases and injuries.


Highly skilled Consultants and Neurosurgeons investigate and treat diseases affecting the brain, spinal cord, muscles and nerves.

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Cardiology centres are reputed to be amongst the best in the World. They are managed by highly respected Cardiologists, Cardio Thoracic Surgeons and Cardiac-Anesthetists; names include Dr Naresh Trehan, Dr Subesh Chandra, Dr Ganesh Krishnan Iyer, Dr T S Kler, Dr Krishna S Iyer and Dr. M Nagaraja Gowda.


Our facial expression tells the world exactly how we are feeling - be it happy, sad, frustrated, contented, angry... Showing our teeth plays an essential part in expressing these feelings.

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Obesity is currently the most common chronic disease in the United States. An estimated 97 million adults in the US are obese.


Appearance plays a vital role in our self-confidence, so naturally, the happier we are with our face & body the greater our level of self-esteem and in turn, our ability to successfully achieve our goals and ambitions in life.


The eye is the most significant and precious part of our body. As much as 80% of what we perceive and learn is achieved through vision.

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The aim of modern healthcare is to place great emphasis on preventive medicine. Regular health checks are now widely recognised as a vital aspect of such care.



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In Development

A "Self-Help" Medical Portal

MediGate is a unique online tool in development based on proven portal technologies at the University of Warwick, UK for providing all Health Travellers with essential information to exercise Self-Help for their medical needs.

Focusing initially, on India, MediGate will provide freely up-to-date & comprehensive information including details on - approved hospitals & clinics, treatment choices, expected costs, Surgeon & Doctor profiles, bed availability, patient feedback, recommended re-treats & spas for post-op rejuvenation, provisions for follow-up care on returning home etc.  In fact everything YOU need for YOU to choose easily, safely & comfortably where to go for YOUR treatment needs.

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The Taj Medical Group is a member of TIHFA: The International Healthcare Facilitators Association.

For patient peace of mind TIHFA is the latest international authority established to monitor, control and govern the standard of service provided by healthcare facilitators.


Patients Beyond Borders: Everybodys Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism

By Josef WoodmanPatients Beyond Borders: Everybody’s Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism - By Josef Woodman, USA

The First Comprehensive Resource for Healthcare Abroad

Impartial, well researched and easy to navigate, this paperback gives potential health travellers all the resources they need to make well informed, safe, cost-effective decisions about travelling abroad for their healthcare needs. Patients Beyond Borders - an invaluable friend & a long term asset for all health travellers.

- Dr Jagdish K Jethwa, Co-Founder & CEO, The Taj Medical Group, UK.

The most established agency focused on India is The Taj Medical Group, with over 1400 UK / US trained Doctors & Surgeons at 23 hospitals in the subcontinent and with full support & guidance from the Government of India. Taj Medical Group has arranged trips for 800+ people, mostly for orthopaedic & spinal surgery. Furthermore, Taj Medical has linked up with UK & US based Consultants enabling you to see one before you go and have the all essential after-care when you get back.

- Josef Woodman, Author of Patients Beyond Borders

Patients Beyond Borders: Everybodys Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism Available from Amazon and all good Bookstores everywhere from 27 Feb 2007, priced £12.75 ($22.95 - For more information visit

***Your chance to be a star on TV ***

Our patients from UK, USA & Canada undergoing medical treatment in India are invited to be featured by the News Departments of several TV stations including Granada TV (UK), Channel 4 (UK) and FOX 11 TV (LA, California, USA) to support their story on Healthcare Outsourcing. The news documentary will be aired on early evening news slots. Generous contribution towards flights and accommodation will be provided for the right candidates.

Austin Man Travels To India For Surgery - (CBS 42) AUSTIN - With one in four Texans uninsured, some are looking for more affordable health care...

The Taj Medical Group working with Children in need of Urgent Surgery.
Read the story of young Mohsin......
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The Taj Medical Group Sponsors India Medical Tourism Expo 2006

The Taj Medical Group Sponsors India Medical Tourism Expo 2006/7